Global Perspective.Taipei Action

 To create quality life and build of Taipei City the sustainable development foundation 

    In 2015, the United Nations issued three global guidelines related to sustainable development and climate change. Among them, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs)are the guiding principles for sustainable development for the next 15 years (to 2030), and the common strategies for promoting sustainable development in the world, replacing the Millennium Development Goals. The Sustainable Development Goals are based on the three major pillars of economy, society and environment, many of which are directly or indirectly related to each other. While emphasizing the promotion of social needs and pursuing the economic growth, it is necessary to incorporate the consideration of environmental protection to allow human society and the nature to continually coexist.


  Under the influence of globalization of the modern world, cities often play a key role in the local areas, improving the competitiveness and sustainability of the region. The development of Taipei City lies not in the scale of urban construction, but in inclusiveness, diversity and emphasis on living standard, environmental protection and gender equality. Moreover, Taipei City aims to create a quality life and build the sustainable development foundation of “Engagement of Environmental Regeneration and Resource Circulation”, “Promotion of Social Security and Sharing Society”, and “Smart Growth of Economy and Technology”.

    Taipei City follows the guidelines of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, with the vision of “Livable and Sustainable City”, obeying the principles of “From public to private sector”. The public sectors are in the vanguard of demonstrating and then expanding to the private sectors, gradually making Taipei become a friendly, healthy and livable city, and achieving the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals through self-examination. With the theme of “Global Perspective, Taipei Action”, Taipei City illustrates the link between sustainable development results and SDGs. Among the 17 SDGs announced by the United Nations, Taipei City has given priority to seven of them, and has made remarkable progress in SDG 7(affordable energy), SDG 11(sustainable cities)and SDG 13(climate action), including transforming landfills into green energy parks. At the same time, we wish to connect the sustainable chain of the city with the green transportation and Taipei Clean Air Action Plan 2.0, and even take practical actions in improving urban resilience to respond to the climate change by means of effectively implementing policies such as the sponge city, the garden city, and the circular city.

    In the future, we will continue to conduct assessment of our progress of implementation of the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development, adjust and revise urban governance strategies. The long-term vision is to hope that the results of sustainable development in Taipei City will continue to be shared internationally, so that Taipei City and our global partners can work together and progress on the path to achieve sustainability.