Livable Sustainable Strategy

A Multicultural Society and Ethnic Integration

Taipei City has a population of roughly 2.66 million. It is not the largest city in Taiwan, but it has the highest population density. Its ethnic composition is diverse, including aborigines, Minnan, Hakka, mainlanders, new immigrants, and foreign nationals. It is therefore the epitome of a multicultural society and ethnic integration.


Due to its location near the 25 degrees north latitude, Taipei City has a monsoon-influenced subtropical climate with normal temperatures ranging from 16°C to 30°C. Annual precipitation amounts to 1,600 mm and the plum rain season from May to June tends to bring abundant rainfall.


Review Methods

Over 50% of the global population lives in cities. Urban areas and human settlements will therefore be crucial for the realization of SDGs. A report on how to implement SDGs in cities published by SDSN in 2016 stated that urban SDG will create strong partnerships and bring more resources to cities, Review methods for different layers of the VLR report (as shown in the chart) are introduced below.